Friday, March 9, 2012

My Little Artist

My son Niko will be 2  1/2  next month and loves to create already  :)  He just loves watercolors, playdoh and gluing paper, etc.  Well he was a happy boy today, he came to my craft room to spend time with Mommy  :)  He was watching his cartoons on Netflix on my laptop and using the paper punches to create shapes then glue them on paper. 
 He's sitting on my lap and I'm holding the camera over his head.
In this next pic look where his finger is...I didn't notice because I was trying to take the pics...and see that little smile?  He knew he wasn't supposed to be doing that  LOL!  I've seen that look before...little bugger! 

Multi tasking...watching tv and crafting  :)

So that's a little glimpse into my world...thanks for stopping by!


Julie said...

He is just adorable. This is such a great age, everything is there for them to play with! Frustrating too, I know..and I know that "got me" smile. ha

Kathi Silvia said...

Oh I know you have your own little artist! I just didn't want that older gooey glue stick all over my desk LOL! His eyes light up when he walks in my room :)

Linda said...

Oh how adorable!!!! What a little prince and a crafty one too!!!!! Lucky you!!!!!

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