Sunday, October 16, 2011

Update and Thomas the Tank Birthday

**Update to my post Such sad news:  It's been a long month and a half but my daughter seems to be doing well but there are some of the girls who were much closer to them who continue to have a difficult time dealing with the loss.  The team as a whole has been doing well considering, some days better than others.  The team has been so busy with fundraising for the families including a Faculty vs. Girls soccer game.  Boy did those teachers want to win! But they didn't  ;)   Thanks to all who dropped me a line of concern and's very heartwarming and appreciated  :) ***
Now...on a much happier note my son Niko turned 2 this week.  He absolutely loves
Thomas the Tank so that was the theme this year.  Here are some of decorations I made.

 The invitation, in hindsight I should have done the lettering in black but that's ok.  Thomas pic
is a JPG I found online.  The blue glitter CS is from Michaels 12x12 sheet.

I used foam rectangles for dimension.  I found the foam at the recycling place I go to.  I cut them in half,
one side had adhesive just peel the paper off.  The other side is smooth so I glued it to the paper.

So this is my Ahh haa moment  :)    1st pic is a cupcake wrapper, I then cut out Thomas and used it as the center of the 2 1/2 " scalloped circle layered on the black 2 3/4" now this circle fits perfectly on top of these plastic containers from Walamart's own brand of baby food.  There is a date stamp on the outside but it wipes off with a Clorox wipe.
 And yes...I did separate the colors of  M+M's!  LOL!! Hey I'm a stickler for details  :)  
So now I have orange, green and brown for Halloween projects!

These are packs of Trident gum, Thomas scrapbook paper, 1" scalloped circle and stamp by Verve.
Party hat is a free SVG from  I used a piece of 12x12 dotted CS and filled the hat on the page (it was a little big for him) , #2 is a "Varsity" font cut with MTC and the Cricut.

Niko ready for cake!!

And lastly, his birthday sign which he loved.  I used the Street Sign cartridge cut at 6" and the 2 cut at 8".  Thomas is a MTC file found in the gallery.  I tweaked it some as it had way too many little pieces so I made them more solid.  Thomas is cut at 12".  And there are two holes punched in the top corners that I had balloons tied to.  So that's it for the Thomas birthday...any questions let me know!  Thanks for stopping by!