Monday, April 30, 2012

Card + soda bottle gift

Here's one of my quickie cards.  The card base (plaid and already scalloped) was a blank note card from Target I think.  PTI stamps used:  Birthdays by the Numbers and Big Birthday Wishes.

 And here's a quick way to package gifts.  This took me about 10-15 minutes to put together.

Supplies needed:  2 liter soda bottle
                            exacto knife
                            sticker paper or paper and double sided tape
                            filler like shredded paper or tissue
                            ribbon or bow

And because I was in a hurry the sticker paper wrinkled at the bottom...grrr...LOL
Step #1     Cut a "door" in the side of the bottle with the exacto knife.  So you will be cutting 3 sides,
                 do not cut a complete hole in the bottle.

Step #2    Put some filler in the bottle then add items and more filler so the items are snug and don't shift.

Step #3   Print your saying on the sticker paper or regular paper and cut it so it is larger than your opening
               in the bottle.  This is how you will hide your "door".

Step #4   Close the opening and place the paper over it to seal the items inside.

Step #5  Decorate with ribbon on the top and that's it!

Just be careful when putting your items in because the edges can be sharp!!  Advise your recipient to do the same!  If I had time I would have decorated the sticker paper more but considering it was a last minute gift and card it was ok.  And my daughter's friend liked it so that's all that mattered  :)  Little kids love these!  I actually used to mail the smaller soda bottles but that was years ago.  I would be too afraid to do that now...things tend to get "lost" too often now  :)

Have fun!


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