Monday, February 27, 2012

Thumb "heart" magnet

I can post some of my Valentine's now because I didn't want the recipients to see their treats!  I would have done it sooner but I forgot!  Nothing unusual in my world!  LOL!  Her is a magnet I made for my wonderful husband's locker at work.  I used Sculptey oven bake clay for the base.  I covered my thumb with ColorBox Chianti red pigment ink then pressed it in the clay twice to make a heart shape then stamped the Verve sentiment with ColorBox black pigment ink.  After I baked it I inked the edges with the black pigment ink...big mistake...I used the heat gun to try to set it but it just wasn't working.  What I should have done is dip the edges in EP then heat set.  That probably would have worked.  I just ended up wiping off the extra ink from the edges and it was ok.  Still has the effect just not as dark as I wanted.  I super glued a round strong magnet to the back with a little message written on the back  :) 

Well that's it for tonight I'll try to get the others posted soon!   Thanks for stopping by!



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