Friday, November 18, 2011

Star Wars Clone Trooper bday card

Hi all,

I've been busy, made a few things but haven't had time to post them!  I searched everywhere for a Storm Trooper SVG so I could make a card for an obsessed 6 year old and finally stumble upon this awesome card SVG.  Thank you Kristen from Katydid Creativity & Paper Adventures!! You can find the SVG and also a Darth Vader SVG  HERE .   He loved it!

I just love the shaped card!  Saved me a lot of time!!  :)    Happy Friday!!!   Kathi


Rachel said...

Thanks for visiting and becoming a new follower of my blog! This is my favorite project so far other than the Disney one because my fiance LOVES Star Wars! We're actually going to be in Disney for our honeymoon during Star Wars Weekends! Too bad I can't use SVGs or this would be perfect! He actually has a Stormtrooper patch on his bag, haha.

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