Monday, January 31, 2011

1st Birthday board book

My cousin son Jacob turned 1 Sunday so I made him a book  :)  I bought  the chip board book and the paper last year I think at Michael's.  I had a problem with the paper lining up with the scallops so I ended up cutting some plain cardstock for the book as well.  I spray glued the cardstock to the chip board then used an exacto to cut around the scallops.  Then I sanded all of the edges then used black ink and a sponge to ink the edges.  I had the birthday stickers they were a set from Creative Imaginations by Barb Tourtillotte.  Again i bought it a couple of years ago.  That's what happens when you don't craft for a year and a half!  I so missed it...but now I'm back with a vengeance!  LOL!!  Ok I digress...

Gift card holder using the Wild Card cartridge @ 4 1/2 " I might use 4 1/4 next time though because the card just fit in the little slots that hold it in.  I inked the edges in green and made a teal envy for it (same cart)
This was a super quick bag since I was running out of time before the party!  LOL!  I used the Graphically Speaking cart which I LOVE because it has so much to choose from.
I told my cousin this project was a labor of love! It took me several hours to complete between the paper not lining up and then one of the pages somehow rotated one or two scallops to the right which threw the alignment off and one page is crooked.  I know most people wouldn't notice or care but I know and it bothers me  :)  Anyway, then my Bind it All didn't line up on a couple of pages and was off too.   I know I know stop already  LOL!  But she really liked it and that's all that matters.


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